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help needed trying to find out what's missing in a boxster

hi! I am wondering what is missing in the front compartment of a 2002 boxster?
i will circle in red on the picture and hopefully it wont be something major.
got the car for a great deal but it will take some work and parts.... another question is if the car slid over a curb and broke some of the substructure- subframe what are the chances that the transaxle is ok 3.2 6 speed? and another question? how much hp and torque can the 6 speed take. would a 350 chevy be too much if the set up is used in a light custom chassis approximately 900+ kg or around 2000 pd. finished car with 20x12 wheels?
there are a whole bunch of wires cut (where i marked with a small red circle)????

thank you for your help
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