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I would also recommend Fischer Motors (847-304-8822) in Barrington. Rick and Peter Fischer run a great shop. They maintain my Boxster, Turbo and MB.

Perfect Power is also very good, and Sol runs a good business. He is very qualified with the aircooled cars & turbos.

I would never take my cars to Eurosport, since the place is filthy dirty, and mainly a race-prep set-up shop. And they are good at that.

A simple PPI will be about $220-$330. Most indy shop rates are about $110/hour in this area. Dealerships are over $200. If you were doing a PPI to include leakdown and compression, it quickly exceeds $1,000. Paint analysis would also increase the total investmant. Depends how far you want to take it, and type of car you are buying. I have spent +$1,000 on PPI's that protected me from $70-80K potential mistakes.

You are wise to be doing a PPI. Good luck on your search for a new toy!

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