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Originally Posted by willd
I span each of the fronts, checked for movement of the hub etc, wasn't any noise apart from a very slight grainy sound (which I believe to be the brakes).

Is it possible to replace bearings DIY?

I've never looked at the bearing carriers on the Boxster in the Bentley. I'm sure there is an inner and outer bearing, each with an accompanying "race" which looks like a "specialized washer" the bearing rides in. The bearings and the races will need to be pressed out. A careful experienced mechanic could do it with a vise and a cheap bearing punch. If you are not experienced I do not recommend it, get the race in a bit crooked or mar up the carrier or parts and you will be inventing new cusses.

What you could do to save money is disassemble the entire carrier and bring it to a shop, have them do the inner and outers with a more suitable and accurate bench press, then you could do the reassembly. Good luck and one more thought. Don't forget to check the rear on the side you say you have determined is the noise side, just in case....
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