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Fff-fff-fff-fff-fff - wheels

I have a weird problem - when I turn corners, I can hear a ff-fff-fff-fff-fff sound coming from the passenger wheel area. It varies with speed so is definitely linked to the turning of the wheel. After a few months of very light driving, the sound was been joined by a squeaking sound, which goes away when the brakes are applied.

Thinking it might be the brake discs/rotors (or specifically, a warped passenger side disc/rotor), I changed them both this weekend.

The squeaking sound may have subdued a little but the fff-fff-fff-fff sound remains.

I have checked the bearing, in as much as I have looked for any play in the wheels, but there's isn't any at all, not even a whisper of movement. They're rock solid.
And to add to that, unless Boxster bearings sound utterly different from other cars worn bearings, it doesn't sound like the bearings have gone either.

The tyres, whilst showing a little wear on the inside (which I believe is normal for Boxsters), are the right ones, and i can't see any contact marks where the wheel has touched the chassis/trim etc.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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