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Originally Posted by jmatta
Not to start another oil debate, but if you are using the pitifully thin 0W40, you may consider changing to 5 or 10W40. It appears oil is seeping past your rings or you are parking on a right/left incline.

You can certainly use a heavier base oil in Singapore, since you have no cold temperature worries.
I'm on 5W40 oil, but as the temp is over 26 degrees C all year round, including nights, I would have thought the lower oil viscosity rating is irrelevant ?

Anyway, for the smoking is only occassional, so I've gotten used to it.

I'm now alittle concerned about IMS, since this is a low mileage older car, which some post says is higher risk than a high mileage older car. Will probably do the LN Engineering bearing change at some point in time but figuring out whether it's a double row or single row bearing is a problem ! Singapore is a long way from the US, so ordering both sets and returning one could be a expensive exercise !
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