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If I recall correctly, the '99 Boxster was offered with 16" wheels standard, with 17" as an option. Whether the suspension is designed for 18" or 19" wheels, I don't know. I've read that there was a subsequent change in suspension to support larger wheel sizes, referenced below.

However, if you move to an 18" wheel on a '99 Boxster, be prepared for a bumpier ride.

Here's information from a recent Rennlist post written by a very well-informed '02 Boxster owner:

"Lastly, IIRC 19" wheels/tires are *not* supported by Porsche on the pre-2000 cars. Starting in 2000 the cars received some changes to the chassis/running gear attachment points that supported the 19" wheels/tires and the bigger loads these subjected the car to.

My 02 came with 17" wheels/tires and I've driven a Cayman S with 18" wheels and my Turbo has 18" wheels and frankly/honestly 18" wheels is as big as I'd care to go.



Hope everything works out for you.
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