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The man with the answer is Maurice a/k/a "Schoir." One of the outstanding members of the online Boxster community.

Look for him on this board, renntech, and ppbb. Send him a PM. He put Cayman S wheels on a blue 986 like yours, and they look sharp indeed.

As I recall, he needed spacers, which corrects for othewise incompatible offset. After you see his work, you might decide to paint your brake calipers yellow, along with some other nice touches to the wheels that he's done.

Offset is basically a measurement of how far out the base of the lug bolts are from the middle of the wheel. [More exactly, it's from the insde of the wheel where the lugs go through, to the center plane of the middle of the wheel. ]

Not enough offset, and the inside of the wheels scrape on your brake calipers or the like; too much and the tires might bump the fenders. It's denoted as "ET," as in "ET-44," meaning a 44mm offset. It should be stated in the specs section in the final pages of your owners manual.

Also, you can ask ebay sellers a question. So ask one of the sellers of Cayman S style wheels what is needed to fit your Boxster.

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