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Originally Posted by Pat
I'm going to alienate myself here. But I'm alright with that.
I think it sucks that the only stated differences to this point are cosmetic. I don't really care much about how a car looks. What are the OTHER differences between the two cars? How do they behave differently?
While I too would be interested in what makes the two different beyond sheetmetal and light designs, Pat, the original poster did start this thread asking about the cosmetic differences between the two and the possibility of a conversion of a 986's bodywork to that of a 987, so that's why people's answers are mostly (if not very sarcastically in some cases ) directed toward that aspect of the cars' differences.

One could go through from 97 to present and note any and every difference that came with every model year, from interior colors to engine displacements, back to steering wheel spokes, additional airbags, stereo system faceplates, and then to added bracing for larger and heavier optional wheel and tire packages, but I guess that wasn't really what the poster was looking for.

I wouldn't mind such a thorough breakdown, though.

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