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Originally Posted by schnellman
Does anyone know which model years have the fuse box connection for powering up the Box?

It was after 2000, which is the year of the original poster's car. So this isn't an option in this case. I don't think they implemented the fuse box connection until 2002, but that's just a guess.

I also don't think the lighter plug charger is going to work if the battery is completely removed. There has to be a circuit for the power to work at all. With the battery removed I believe the circuit will be interrupted and there is no way to get power into the car without access to the front trunk. You can always test it and try it with the battery removed and before closing the front trunk.

One suggestion - remove the portion of the latch mechanism on the front hood (two 10mm bolts). Then you can close the hood to keep critters out, but it won't be physically locked. I would only do this if the car were stored in my own garage or storage locker though as the car will not be secure.

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