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new turbo boxster?

What has anyone heard about the new turbo boxster? is it going to be the audi 2.0T? this seems likely since the boxster and a4 have the same transmission. how about a 3.0TDI boxster, or better yet a 4.2 TDI? I guess that 4.2 would be out of the possibilities because it would compete with R8 4.2 tdi sales. but the 3.0tdi would be awesome. how does 406lb-ft of torque from 2000-2250 rpm sound? an engine weight of 198Kg(436 lb) ain't terrible. It would add no more weight than a tiptronic does, and it would be weight right in the center of the car, where as the tiptronic's weight is on the tail of the car.
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