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Buy a used boxster with some factory warranty or a CPO car. You'll pay more but everything that could go wrong will be taken care of then.

My 97 has needed lots of things fixed on it, but I didn't inspect it before I bought it. If you can't afford a box with a warranty, then find one with one owner who absolutely loved the car and can show you records of how the car was cared for.

If you find one like I am describing, basic oil changes, brakes, etc. are what you'll be doing to the car for the first two or three years. Now if you decide to mod it with new intake or exhaust, that's a different story.

Just say no to the Pontiac, by the way. It will be a secretary's car, fall apart like every other Pontiac made, have very little "check it out!" value from others after it's been out a year, and you'll be trading it off soon enough. Porsche. There is no substitute.
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