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dealer service

I have done a lot of searches and have been lurking around here for a while now,but I would still appreciate some more insight. I am seriously considering getting a pre-owned boxster as an everyday driver but have concerns about needing to ever have it serviced by an authorized mechanic. My closest mechanic is 30+ miles away which makes it a hassle. Closest dealer is about 150 away, so no better. What I'm wondering is what might arise that actually needs dealer service other than the normal scheduled maintenance at the mileage intervals. Normal oil change and small stuff I have no problem doing my self. Mostly what I am looking at is 2000+ 2.7 models in the 35-45kmi. range. Base models without too many dodads and options. But earlier 2.5's, if they are a deal that can't be passed up, are still an option. So, I'm hoping that some of you have some insight as to how daily life will be (I already understand that ownership is going to be a little pricier, but I think it will be worth it). Dare I say that I am waiting for the arrival of the Pontiac Solstice as a second option but it is just not what I have desired for so many years.
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