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Don't think - just let it happen...

and if you have bad experiences, its part of the ride. Move on and get over it. I've had my 99 for 10 years now and is a daily driver. My biggest one time expense was $1000 bucks. Pretty darn great if you ask me. I've gotta say that this is one awesome forum and had provided me with lots of $ saving tips. Even if I didn't DIY, its ok to pay the extra $ to not get your hands dirty and have someone else do it for u. I'm currently in the market for a Ferrari. I'm on Ferrari Chat and its funny to see similar patterns of thinking when buying extraordinary cars. Wow - folks sure like to overthink things. Well not me - apart from doing your due diligence, you've gotta stop at some point and take the leap of faith. Life's too short good luck and may the force be with you!

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