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How do you keep you wheels clean/ Wheel noise


My rear wheels seems to have a dust problem, after I clean them.. in a day or two black dust of death is back.. it's only on rear wheels.. fronts stay clean for weeks

Last week I (yet again) washed nicely my wheels and applied wheel wax on them.. it's was better.. time to dust doubled from 2 days to 4 days..

Is there any solution to this? except washing the wheels every day, brake dust blocker maybe? what do you do? maybe something is wrong with brakes.. since it happens only in rears

I hate washing the wheels, I have 18" Sport Design wheels and they are a pain to wash with all those spokes and little bolts... and my son is only 3 years old so I cannt outsource the job yet

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

PS: A little info on the car, I have a 2000 Boxster 2.7L with 70K miles on it. I don't know what brake pads are installed, I bought the car with my eyes closed just because it was soooo shiny and good looking.
I do have to change rotors they are pretty worn out.. both fronts and back
While we are it.. any good cheap cross drilled rotor out there? I saw cheap ones on ebay (150$ for all 4) are they good? I don't track the car.. it's my daily driver

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