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Originally Posted by Viper5
I don't know what you mean when you say it looked stretched out. And that 1/2 way rolled down statement didn't make sense to me. Were you having the same problem as me or a variation? I don't understand your original problem.
I had the exact same symptoms as you have. The window worked just fine, but would not drop enought to clear the top when you opened the door.
In my case it turned out that the cable system in the window regulator had stretched out. If I opend the door, I could manually push the window down about 1/2 inch by pushing down on the glass. When I closed the door the window would go back up as normal.
I disconnected the battery when removing the inner door panel, then reconnected it to watch the mechanism work. I found that with the window rolled 1/2 way down, I could pull up on the glass and make the window move up and downabout 1/2 inch by just pulling up on the glass itself. This is very different from my driver's door, where the window stays where it is.
I found that the cable had stretched out, so I needed to take up some of the slack. It's not perfect, but it now drops enough to clear the top by adding the spacers to the cable sleeves as shown on my pictures.
Hopes that helps.
Dave S.
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