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My opinions are as follows:

1. Get the 18" wheels. Difference in comfort mimimal, looks much better and improves handling

2. I don't find the the WD very useful and it rattles.

3. Power seat package is a great option and helps resale value also.

4. Not sure on this one. Every Box I buy has the auto climate control and have never seen a manual heat system.

5. For resale purposes, I would:

Buy an S.

Stay with basic colors such as silver, black, dark blue.

Do not go crazy on aftermarket mods.

Maintaine your car after purchase.

Enjoy the pleasure of driving the Box.

Thanks for joining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by SoCal
Searched the web for info and I found this great site. I'm about to buy my first Boxster and would appreciate your thoughts.

(1) IMO, the 18-inch Boxster S wheels look better than the 17-inch wheels. How noticeable is the difference in handling and ride comfort (feeling the bumps)?

(2) I don't like the look of the plastic wind deflector. How much does it help with wind and noise reduction?

(3) Anybody get the Power Seat Package? My wife will want to drive the car too, and it might be nice to have two seat positions in memory.

(4) I see an option called Automatic Climate Control. What does this option add to the standard air conditioning?

(5) Any other words of wisdom for a newbie?

Thanks in advance.
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