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Originally Posted by Overdrive
Good morning (well, it's morning here, at least) ladies and gents. I have yet another question regarding my recently acquired '97 986. I happened to notice earlier this week after taking it for an evening spin that, after parking and shutting the car off, I only notice heat coming from the passenger side air inlet on the quarter panel. By comparison, the driver's side inlet is not even the slightest bit warm. I guess my question here really is, which side is right? Should there be heat coming from both while the car is cooling down, none at all from either, or only one side? If this isn't the normal operation, what could be the problem? Thanks for taking the time to read, and any feedback is appreciated.
The left side vent is used for engine air intake, the right side is for cooling the engine compartment. Remember the McDLT, the hot side is hot and the cool side is cool. It's normal.
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