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Finally got my Boxster S - Exhaust?


After owning a plethora of cars I've finally arrived at what I've always wanted - a Porsche. Initially, like many uneducated people I did not consider the Boxster at all. After owning two S2000s I really wanted a 911. All I could easily afford would be a 996 C2. I decided to drive an 03 986S and fell in love. I picked up my 2002 986S with 32k miles last Friday. Though I swore I would not mod it I'm looking at a few different exhaust options to make it sound like what a Porsche, in my mind, should.

The two I'm considering are:

Borla - Lots of information and some sound clips available for these, I'm not worried about drone as I never drive with the top up


FVD Brombacher listed at . They have a clip of a similar one on a Cayman S and it sounds spectacular. Anyone have any clips or feedback of this exhaust on a 986S?

All information will be highly appreciated. Pic attached from the drive home.



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