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I use one

on my '01S, Honda and Acura. Works fine. There are functions unique to a Porsche that code readers don't cover. Durametric S/W does more but not all. The dealer's computers do em all.

The Actron s/w is pretty useless compared to the info available on the net. Just plug the car model and code into google and you'll get a better description of the problem in one of the forums (some forum responders cut from the Porsche diagnostic manuals to try and help) than the s/w does plus it isn't Porsche inclusive. I say that to suggest that if I were on eBay I'd buy the $60 used with no s/w version rather than the $100+ new one complete with packaging, instructions and s/w.

I originally posted the above at 8:48 this AM. At 12:45 after a run of 40 miles and then back again I opened the throttle wide and maxed the RPMs. I shut down after a 1/2 mile run. On restart, got a solid CEL. A mile from home. Parked in the garage, connected the CP9135. Synching, pressed read code button, read the code, said 0139 O2 sensor bank 1 slow ... even which side of the engine the problem was on. 2 buttons to delete the code, deleted the code. Will watch and if it reoccurs, will buy the Bosch part and replace the sensor. Total diagnostic time....2 minutes. Code displayed was accompanied by English explanation. Couldn't have been easier/clearer/faster.

I'm fortunate to have the Porsche diagnostic book and don't believe any code reader would be as complete in terms of defining the steps to be taken and in which order to determine the real cause behind a code. I don't depend on a code reader for anything beyond 4 digits...after that I'd begin looking online in the Boxster forums for the meaning of the code and the possible solutions.

A day later I took a cruise at 65mph for 40 miles, stopped for a minute and then cruised back again. My CEL stayed out. From this I determine I got the ECU confused by dumping so much fuel into the engine and then stopping so quickly after doing it. But I'll watch the CEL and do a series of code readings to see if any secondary codes show up. At worst, I'll replace 2 O2 sensors at my local muffler shop.

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