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IMHO, get an extended warranty on the engine - and do it NOW! The $48.00/month cost might just save you $12K.

A mechanical inspection won't determine whether or not your engine will fail. I've been chatting with over 20 people who all experienced engine failure with their Boxsters. My '99 Boxster failed 2 weeks ago with only 12,700 miles on it - sitting at a light in traffic. My only saving grace was a 90 day warranty from my dealer or I would have been out $12,000 - $13,000. The common link between all of these is the Intermediate Shaft. I've seen it happen as low as 3,000 miles and as high as 75,000 miles on Boxsters ranging from '97 to '03. Might be happening on the newer ones as well - but the owners might not care since it would still be under warranty.

I love the hell out my Boxster and intend to keep it. But I felt like someone ripped out my insides when I thought I was going to be on the hook for a new engine. Don't let it happen to you. Get the warranty - then enjoy the sweet ride!

Just my opinon.
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