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I too have a 97... the seatbelt receptacles were bad on them and when the switch inside them goes out, the airbag comes one and stays on... the airbag works fine though, not to worry. I just had the driver's seatbelt receptacle replaced due to this same issue.

This may or may not be your problem though—if you have removed your seats or steering wheel to upgrade it to a 3 spoke, the airbag light will come on if you didn't disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for at least 30 minutes.

If it came on by itself, you may want to take it into your stealership to have it checked out. Or, do what I did and find an independent mechanic with a Porsche PST2 tool, which is an electronic LCD panel that diagnoses problems. This is what the dealer uses to find your issue and repair it.

If it is the seatbelt receptacle, it won't be outrageous... I think $60 a connector plus a minimum charge for labor.

Sure wish my 97 only had 15k on it! You got yourself a garage queen for sure. I'm at 87k and climbing.
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