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Question Please Help with Drivers window

My drivers window won't stay down when the door is opened and hits the roof when I close the door - I think the gap that is supposed to be left when the door is opened is called the 'comfort'gap'. My problem started after i tried to open the drivers door when i had the car up on 4 stands. The door wouldnt open very far, so fearing a twisted body I just forced the door shut and left it unitl all wheels were on the ground. The door works fine but now the window won't stay down for the comfort gap. When I lift the door handles, both inside and outside the window drops down as it is supposed to do but when released it just raises to the upper limit again, which makes closing the door from the outside a real hassle and very annoying. I tried to trick the door by closing the latch on the door (as if the door was closed) the interior light goes off the window drops down to the comfort gap level when I raise the handle (like it should) but then when I close the door for real the window stays down until I open the door again and then it raises back again when I let go. It would appear as though the door thinks its closed when it is open. The micro swith on the door handle must be working ok as the window is lowering when the handle is raised, it seems as if whatever other component the switch is talking to is confused. I seached the forum and found a number of 're-setting techniques' for this common window 'comfort gap' problem but nothing seems to fix the problem. I found another thread with the exact same problem after the car was lifted onto jack stands. Surely this is not a regulator problem.
Can somebody please advise me please?

If you are reading this SCHOIR I PM'ed you about my header nightmare.

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