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HELP! OBD II code P0154

Hey guys my cel came on about an hour ago so i got to autozone and had it diagnosed. Code P0154 came up so i checked rentech and it says "P0154 Oxygen Sensor Ahead of Catalytic Converter (Cylinders 4 - 6) - Interruption of Signal." Does this meen the O2 sensor is needing to be replaced? If so where are good places to get one. Seems like bad timing w/ the Holiday coming up. Shipment will be SLOW. Is it possible to take O2 sensor out and clean w/ something or tighten it? I am gonna go back to autozone tommorow and try to have it reset to see if it comes back on, but im not very hopeful that it'll stay off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
1999 Arctic Silver Metallic/Graphite Grey top/ tiptronic transmission
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