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IMS got me too

I had an IMS bearing failure a little while back but was able to catch it early enough to simply replace the bearing. With a lot of help from Don at EBS and a little mechanical know how I re-timed my cams myself. It seems to be a lot easier to re-time a 3 chain engine versus a five chain, but as far as the removal of all 3 timing chain tensioners (not counting the one inside each valve cover) I was only able to remove 2 on the bottom of the engine. I believe that the 3rd sits snuggly under the A/C compressor from the pictures of an engine that Don had sent to me. I did all that I could short of depressurize the entire system to get to it before I gave up. I have however had my exhaust cam jump timing on me and I was wondering if anyone knew where I might have gone wrong.
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