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Yeah, the BSD is great

Yes, since Apple went down the UNIX path and with BSD as one of the core elements, it has really been amazing. OS X is very cool and as you say, rock solid stable. I work with Windows boxes all day and while I am not a Windows hater, I do appreciate using OS X all that much more when I come home (or when I happen to take my Mac laptop to work).

Anyway, here is a screenshot of what I was talking about in the PM I sent you. Note the numbers in RED in the ( ). Those indicate how many new posts a thread has gotten since my last visit to the forum. I was wondering if this forum software lets you do something similar?

Originally posted by JT

I like your GUI. Apple. By the way, It is probably one of the most stable os's out there now that it has BSD for as its building blocks. UNIX is the only way to go

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