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Originally Posted by amcdonal86
I've read this thread, but it's unclear about whether most of the major problems are limited to 986s or whether they continue with the 987s. Does anyone have any idea?

I would really like one and I think I can afford a used '06 model or so, using Edmunds' true cost of ownership.
The guy to talk to about this is Jake Raby. I have read (in print in Excellence Magazine) that the RMS leaks still exist.... of course, they're not nearly as common in cars with a tiptronic tranny from what I read on forums.

Jake could tell you about the IMS issues for sure, but I believe they are still a problem considering the motor design didn't change much, just the displacement.

Don't forget though that every Porsche model through the years has had some sort of motor issue that must be dealt with and none if them are going to be as cheap to own or "maintenance free" as a Toyota, which we've all gotten used to in short order.
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