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Yeah it was parked there and I saw you come in. Oh and that gas mileage you're talking about? It doesn't get any better after break-in. I average about 17 MPG.

Pioneer has been good to me, although they wouldn't budge much on the price--should've gone to Hoehn but at least now my dealer is close to my house rather than thirty minutes north. I haven't had any problems with the service department being slow but I only had it there once to have a headlight adjusted. They washed the car okay, but I think they need to work on their windshield techniques.

As for the tan top thing--they just thought it seemed a little weird to have three colors on the car, and with the top down you still see it folded up behind the seats, so they were kind of scratching their heads over why you can't get a matching top for all of the interior colors.

No matter--they probably can't buy one right now anyhow, but your model and options probably would've been exactly what they wanted, so they were oooh-ing and aaaah-ing quite a bit.
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