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60k Service and Dash Lights

As promised in an earlier post, I got the 60k service done and had them check out the dash light problem. My wife also had me have them find out why the warning chime didn't sound when the key was removed and the door opened with the lights on.

There were no issues with the service. In my area there is a specialty shop that deals in Porsche service, with several factory certified mechanics and a fairly decent supply of parts on hand. They also have some Porsches for sale on consignment. I had them do the smog inspection when it was due earlier this year, and since the car is off warrenty I decided that the extra two hours to drive to the dealer was not needed.

The dash light problem was traced to a bad light switch. The switch was replaced and the dash lights work OK now. The switch cost $113.95 with 19.60 labor.

The warning chime for the lights was traced to the ignition switch. It was replaced and the warning chime works like it should now. The switch cost $33.95 with 19.60 labor.

Apparently both switches are prone to this kind of failure at around this mileage.

No other issues with the car at the 60k service. We are very satisfied with the Boxster.

Regards, Rick.
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