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Yeah that was me, I went to get gas down the street...yet again, on account of the incredibly crappy mileage i'm getting during break-in...and then got take-out from there, which I do occasionally. I didn't see your car in the lot though, nor recognize you/your party. I think I was wearing a Princeton squash team t-shirt that day and was probably looking pretty scrungy as I'd just washed the car on my own, for the first time.

Yeah, I've long thought the midnight blue/tan is the best combo...much better than the blue/gray. I'm thinking it's gonna suck to keep clean though. Not sure I'd want a tan top on it...a little miata-ish, but then again I've driven top-up only once in it.

Yours is from Pioneer also right? What did you think? I wasn't too impressed with them in the dealings I've had, particularly the service department which was slow on some 'Due Bill' items. They sure know how to detail the car after service though, makes me want to invent reasons to drop it off.
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