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Originally Posted by SD987
You're right, you were putting the top up...

While simultaneously making a left hand turn across two lanes into Noodle World, or whatever that little Japanese noodle place is called.

I remember thinking it was remarkable that you weren't rear-ended or fly into the curb at speed.

Mine was the blue 987.
Ahahaha, remember--the top goes up automatically--I had one hand on the wheel and the other on the shifter.

Sorry I didn't say "hi"--I was considering it but with all my friends there I didn't want to put you on the spot. Actually, wait--you passed me as I was turning in, but then you came back and parked in front of the restaurant and came in didn't you? Or was that yet ANOTHER boxster??

If that WAS you that came in, we were discussing your car because that was almost the EXACT boxster that I was trying to convince my friend and his girlfriend (the two in front of me in the restaurant) to get. They both love the midnight blue/tan. The one thing that bugs them is that you can't get a tan top! Very strange!
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