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Mike is

a defender of the notion that we are responsible for our decisions. We choose the brand, model, model year, car and either did or did not do the in advance of purchase research to support that decision.

Some cars have problems, some don't. Life is full of chances. Buy a used car out of warranty and you are subject to those chances. You didn't pay full price to the manufacturer and you knew the car was only warrantied for so long.

Mike has also posted on the web for years a page describing in detail the common problems Porsche has had with their Boxster cars. Also a page on the best and worst, in his opinion, features of the Boxster. They are available to anyone contemplating a purchase. Those pages have been repeatedly updated as more is known about a specific issue or as he sees a problem reported repeatedly. He has had public and private conversations with those working on some of the described solutions in an attempt to better understand so he can describe a problem, its probability and consequences and the benefits of a potential solution.

So he isn't sure what he is accused of defending. It certainly isn't Porsche...he loves their car but publishes a list of problems and gives alternate sources of parts and lists indie mechanics for others to benefit from.
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