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SD987: While it is totally not uncommon to find me in Kearny Mesa, I don't think I was there Monday. I think last week I saw a blue 987 behind me at one point as I was putting the top UP, but I guess that's not what you're talking about? And yes, that "top not in limit position" when you've pressed the button while driving and have come to a stop is really stupid. It just screams of "lawyer appeasement". I'm thinking this was a US-market change but I don't have confirmation yet.

PeterJoyce: In automatic operation you can still stop the top from moving by pushing the button in the opposite direction, just like you can with the automatic window switches, so exposing the engine bay would not be a problem of any sort.

Regardless of that, the way I'd handle this modification would be to add a switch that would allow normal top operation, so as not to confuse the service people.

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