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Talking Buying a used Boxster

If I, or anyone I know, were to buy a used Boxster, I would call and order the retrofit IMS for about $600 and have it immediately replaced. It is a easy fix, especially if your due for a clutch, or take a chance and wait until your clutch needs to be replaced. $600 or $10,000+, I say do the math. Now we know what the problem is and how to fix it, get it fixed before you lose your motor. But that is just my opinion... wish I had this information before I had to go through the heartbreak of being without my car for a year and a half. I bought my car because at the time it was a great deal and I thought that my kids would be out of the house soon and it would be my little treat to myself. As soon as my last child moved out and I was ready to make some noise, my niose maker broke. Now I have a year+ to make up for so if ya'll see me, don't expect me to stop! Gotta go!!!
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