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My 98' Boxster

I purchased my 98' Boxster in early 2000 with only 1,700 miles on it... it still had the brand new car smell in it. I paid $44,000 for it and was instantly in love! Never had anything big happen besides normal repairs, tires, ha, ha, etc... Did have the ignition switch replaced 3 times though. In 2008 I took it in 5 times for the check engine light, it kept coming on and I felt there was some loss of power. The first 3 times there was no compression in certain cylinders, which cost a pretty penny each time. The last two to three times I was told they couldn't figure it out and just reset the check engine light and returned the car to me. All this time I was getting scared because I felt there was something causing loss of power and vibration. December 15th, 2008 my engine blew up, so sad! Because of the economy, for the first time I was unable to pull the cash needed to fix it. I was told a valve spring broke. This month I was able to save the money needed to fix my baby. In my search for a motor and speaking with porsche people, was told about the IMS. I did order the part from, LN Engineering and it is being put in the car but had I known about it I would have had it replaced when I replaced my clutch. I wouldn't be $7,000+, so far, into this problem that could have been prevented. I wouldn't trade my car for anything, but I would have paid the money to retrofit the IMS in a heart beat, at my expense, had I known about it. I am very used to, everytime I have my car serviced plan on $1,000+, but by time I finish this I will be close to $10,000. Come on! Porsche should have at the very least made us aware that there was an issue that could be fixed. My car had 77K miles on it and the motor I bought has 39K, with the new part I am hoping for many years of happy driving. Just a little disallusioned with Porsche, shame on them!

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