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Well, it will be a year tomorrow since I did my coolant reservoir change. Thought I'd post up some pics.

Coolant tank part number 996-106-447-08 was $185.74
New cap was $13.56 plus freight
Both were ordered from ****************************************************

Here's the new tank. You can see they do away with the oil dipstick hole in the new one.

Here's the latest reservoir cap on the left and the old one on the right.

Start by disconnecting the trunk light wiring.

And trunk latch cover

Remove the interior pieces.

I started out just removing the rear and side pieces but ended up taking the complete trunk liner out in the end.

These are the remote clamp pliers I ended up buying.

Disconnecting the individual hoses one at a time and swapping them over to the new tank.

2000 Boxster.
1997 Carrera 993.

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