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Ref "Things to know before buying a Boxster

You have a nice website with good info.

I plan to take your advise and visit Autozone and have them plug in OBD to check my problem below. Good thing, lets hope, is that I still am under warranty as "certified pre-owned"

Thx for your info.



*My 2006 Boxster S check engine light came on yesterday and it said visit workshop. Then later that day, the engine starting to almost stall in 1st and 2nd gear. Then this morning when I turned it on, a white/blue smoke with very very bad smell (like rotton egg/sulfur) came out of exhaust for about 5 min and engine would stutter up and down almost stalling. Called the dealer and they said have it towed in! Believe it may be a bad CAT. I think I may be able to drive it in vs. tow it? Anyone experience this type of problem before?

Thanks and can't wait to get my boxster back on the road! Just bought it Feb 2010.

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