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Those wiley Porsche guys...

I checked out the site for Warranty Direct.

Coverage: Covers all BUT: Battery; shock absorbers; manual transmission clutch assembly; friction clutch disc & pressure plate; throw out bearing; manual and hydraulic linkages; GPS/navigation systems; safety restraint systems; glass; lenses; sealed beams; bulbs; brake rotors & drums; TV/video/game systems; weather strips; exterior body parts/ornamentation; paint; upholstery & carpet; tires; wheels/rims; phone systems; exhaust and emissions systems.

Quote I got on my 2001 with 14,700 miles was $1625, or $1725 with added emissions control equipment coverage. Coverage would be for 4 years/60,000 miles. An inspection is required. Doesn't seem too bad a first glance (how much will I spend the first time my top goes crooked?), but the real test is whether they come through when something happens.

Any other first hand experience with this firm? Or other firms? Thanks much.

It just strikes me that most people (like me) tend to go without when the factory warranty ends.
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