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Just over three years and 20k miles (50k total) on my 97 and I have had very few issues. Engine mount, new glass top, cleaned the MAF and other basic annual maintenance required on any car. Currently I am dealing with a broken key to my wheel locks. I drove over to the Porsche dealer and they removed the locking nuts for free. I had a great conversation with the mechanic. Can't believe what a fantastic group of people I've found in the Porsche world.

My Boxster has been much better as a car than the 1988 911 it replaced. My wife likes to ride in it and will even drive it occasionally. The A/C and suspension is much more useable than the 911 and I am a much better driver in the Boxster.

I'll admit the reason I bought the car was the initial outlay was so reasonable. I agree with earlier posters that it's not really the purchase of the car you should be thinking about, it's the expense of the continued ownership.

Quit waiting for the other shoe to drop, get out and drive. If you are unfortunate enough to have problems, make the best and enjoy the adventure!
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