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No warranty

will prevent a problem, they only pay to fix after the fact...if in fact they do pay off at all.

Porsche does not sell any warranty that Porsche backs and sells through a dealer for a car out of warranty beyond the dealer sponsored and Porsche backed CPO warranty which extends the original warranty two years or to 100k miles whichever comes first.

There are third party parts which are designed/intended to prevent the sort of problems that have been seen. You can even buy an engine almost totally rebuilt with such parts. Expensive.

Do these problems happen, yes. To every engine, not even close. Remember there are 200k plus Boxsters plus 996s with the same engine. Some would have you think the number of failures are double digit percentages, I think the number is much less. No consolation if it is your engine it happens to. But the problem free ones don't post so it seems everyone is having problems because those that do do post.
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