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FS: CDC-4 6-Disk Changer

Bought a CDC-4 on ebay. The seller said it would work in my 08 Box and I believed him. Went to install it and found it was a bit too wide. The serial # told the story - it's 996.645.140.02. Checked with the parts man at Woodhouse and he said I needed 997.645.140.03. He said it was difficult to determine what models and yrs my 996 would fit, but obviously it doesn't fit mine. It's my fault I didn't do more homework before I bid. But I'm not sure why Porsche / Becker would make 2 different sized changers and use the same name on both.

It includes the mounting bracket and cartridge but no bolts. Suncoast is able to hook you up with the proper fiber optic cable. Mine cost $119. Don't believe the urban legend that you can only get the cable if you purchase the entire unit from Porsche for $800. I heard this from several sources (including my dealer), but it just takes a little effort to find the right code and Suncoast is willing to assist.

Thought I'd give my forum members first shot at it before I put it on ebay. Check first to see if it will work with your vehicle so you don't end up in my situation.

$225 plus shipping.

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