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Originally Posted by PlayersExpress
FastOrange, I would advise you reword your comment. Posts like that are unnecessary and are not tolerated here.

If someone who is worth several million chooses to live in a 150k 3 or 4 bedroom house in a decent suburban neighborhood they are "living below their means" which means they can afford to live elsewhere at a higher cost of living.

He does not give Porsche owners a bad name, it is people that are ignorant, and you sir posted a very ignorant comment.


I choose not to reword anything....the more I read the original post, the more it smacks of arrogance. Do any of us give a crap if somenone worth supposed "several million" lives in a suburb that is obviously, by his description, below his class? He states that it would be a lifetime dream for a 1st time homebuyer, trailer owner, or older owner.... Do you not see the incredible arrogance of those statements?

If you think I am ignorant for saying so, so be it. I'd like to think that up here in cattle herding North Dakota, we don't judge people by what they drive. The guy in the beat up pickup could be a millionaire farmer or rancher, and the guy in the boxster is a wannabe rich guy....dallison appears by his post to be someone who likes. to have "look at me cars", and is upset because someone in his neighborhood one-upped him by buying a yellow 996....or I could be wrong
For what it's worth, I honestly thought the same thing when I first read this thread...

But since the OP clarified this was not his intent, please post up pictures of a side by side shot with your neighbor!
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