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RTS Key?

Hey Mark! I am trying hard to locate an RTS key for my system. See post in General Discussion:
Howdy! I have an RTS that came with my Boxster along with two bike racks. The RTS itself has four locks that secure the cross-bars. Unfortunately, the prior owner could not find the keys. I have keys for the bike racks, and they slide in to the RTS locks, but they don't turn. I suspect they are the same type of key (likely Thule).

I tried two different Porsche shops, and they both told me that there is no listing for the key. I am wondering if anyone out there has a key that they could photograph for me and if there is a part number on it, provide it to me. Or, if there is a kind enough soul out there with a spare key, consider sending it to me to try (I would return it, honest!). If it works, I would copy it.

Any help anyone could offer would be great. It is not the end of the world as it is assembled as one unit that I can lift on and off with two people, but it would be nice to be able to disassemble the rack for storage, and to remove the bike trays and add a box if I so desired. Thanks in advance for your help!

Any chance you may be able to lend a hand? Do you happen to have a spare key I could try? I would send it back to you ASAP (if it works, I would copy it), and could send you a pre-paid mailer. No pressure though - I see you would like to sell yours. Thanks! Jeff
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