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Kinesis K58 wheels for sale - 18", 8.5" f / 10" rear

a bit painful to sell these great wheels but my plans for my car have me needing a different size.

I bought them in 2005 from a fellow rennlist member here in the SF bay area.
he'd had them on a 996 narrow body...they're the proper offset for that car. I added a spacer to the rear of the my car to get the proper fitment...a 21mm Techart hub-centric spacer. This brings the rears right out to the fenders and I've run 265's, 275's, and 285 rears with perfect fitment on a car that is lowered 1.25" from stock.

the fronts are the exact same offset for 996 and they fill out the fender better (8.5" versus stock 7.5" wheel puts the wheel 1/2" further out)...but I've run them with a 15mm Techart hubcentric spacer to completely fill the wheel well...with no rubbing issues running 235/40's up front.

The original finish was shot peened grey anno. I had them re-finished in 2006 to the current scheme, centers painted flat black and outers polished. With the bold 5-spoke design, the look very much like a Fuch's type wheel, but with a more modern and bold appearance.

the finish is not perfect. there are small chips in the black paint which I routinely touch up with factory porsche touch up paint. they outers are still quite shiny, with some spotting by no pitting. the spotting can be taken out with some elbow grease and polish. two wheels have VERY minor curb rash. All wheels are straight, round, and true.

I'm moving to a more square setup for track use.

for those looking at the ad, you are probably already aware of the excellent reputation for quality and durability of these wheels. Kinesis has been bought out by a larger company who still services these wheels.

Looking for $1600 for the wheels.
$1800 with the spacers.
01 S - gone
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