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Originally Posted by poorsche1
01 boxster S 42K miles.
I was replacing the rms last week and had mentioned to a buddy that i wanted to check the ims bearing to see if it was going bad when he, thinking that he was lending a hand removed the flange on the ims bearing before i had locked it in tdc and lossened the tensioners now the bearing is wedged around 2 oclock in the hole . called jack raby on friday and he said to get it retimed. so i have been looking for a porsche guru with the proper tools to come to my house where the car is jacked up and re-time the cams.----So far, Hard to find . --- Today another friend of mine with porsche knowledge but no tools, was over looking at the project and mentioned that he did not think it would need re-timing. so i am posting a picture of what the bearing looks like now with the flange off and still in tension.
I was thinking if i can make a tool out of nylon material in my shop to fit in the inside of the bearing, the outside would be slightly off-center then rotate the tool untill the bearing is centered, then lock the tdc and loosen the tensioners.
now the question is (hopefully jack reads this and can respond) will that put the cams back to where they were before the flange was removed or am i still screwed? and need it re-timed?
by the way it is a double bearing made by NSK, since the bearing is exposed i popped the seal off to see what it looks like inside, i found no grease but it had oil that seeped out. The bearing feels solid and the balls look shiny and not pitted, the oil that was in it was not dirty (i run amsiol 10-40 high zinc) if i leave the seal off to allow the oil to lubricate it freely will it be ok for service? or will it remain a high risk

If you were in Austin -- I'd be able to help you :-(

all this info below is from Jake and Charles.
I believe that oil in there takes out the grease - and the steel balls
do not get enough lubrication from the oil and can't take the heat.
the IMSRs use ceramic ball bearings, tougher and more heat tolerant.

Not sure if my mechanic would do a Houston house call.
We've got the tools to retime as well as replace the IMS with
Jake/Charles IMSR.

If you are interested, I can check with him and see if 1) it is possible
2) what it would cost.
Possibly cheaper to have it flat bedded to us.
(I paid <$200 to haul a car from Corpus to Austin 2 weeks ago)

email me mike at lonestarrpm dot com.


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