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Originally Posted by mikefocke
My 2 Porsche Boxster 986s, over a total of 6 years, have cost me less than $700 in unscheduled maintenance and never left me stranded.
You really know a lot more about picking choice used Porsches than the average guy like myself. My car has cost me nearly ten grand in repairs, and it had a reconditioned motor put in it weeks before I purchased it.

I budget $1500.00 a year for repairs, and most years I spend every dime of that and more. Readers of this thread should not get the impression that Boxsters are cheap to own long-term. They're far more expensive than other kinds of cars owned, unless you're coming down from a Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini.

There is a bright spot though. My Porsche repairs make my BMW repairs look like a bargain.
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