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Porsche Litronics $600.

Selling a pair of litronics for $600. why so cheap you ask? well the left headlight glass/plastic has a piece that was broken off by a rock. insurance company replaced both lights because just a new left one wouldn't look as good without a new right one. right is perfect no damage. both lights work fine. heck if you have the clear lights (no the egg yolks) you can easily bake the left headlight to remove the front cover and replace it on the broken piece. sell your right one for $250 and then you'd have a set for $350... that's $350 for litronics. or for an extra $50 send me your working not broken left clear headlight, i'll do the swap and send them back to you. i've baked a set of lights before on the clear halogens when i bought a set that had the interiors burnt out. very easy to do...

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