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IMS Bearing Replacement

I bought a 2002 Boxster (Base) last year with 68k miles on it from an import car dealer. All manuals and carfax are included. Unfortunately, The maintenance records does not exist. The maintenance booklet has only one Porsche stamp on it dated 2002 when it arrived in New York Porsche dealer. Needless to say, I am looking in the dark about any repair being done in this car from the past. Not even a regular maintenance information is not written in the book. The dealer where I bought this car is no help at all. They just said that they got this car as a trade-in to another car.

My concern right now is the IMS bearing. I can see a lot of talking about this issue. I am not sure if the past owner has this bearing replaced or not. The engine seems running beautifully and without any oil leak visible from the bottom. As part of a maintenance, I would like to include this IMS replacement for my car. I need to ask anyone if you know a reputable/knowledgeable porsche mechanics who can replace the IMS bearing in the state of Maryland? I would like Jake Raby to do it but they are too far from us. Thank you very much from any information.
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