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Better than a "nice drive"!

Hey Guys,

I did these Sedona roads last spring when I went from Laramie to Hemet via Steamboat, Telluride, Idyllwild and other 2 lane passenger pukers. The Jerome -> Prescott leg was a world class boxster g-pulling festival. Coming down the canyon from Flagstaff to Sedona was a tire and brake scorcher, and I pulled over for a cooldown and took this snappy.

I would like to do the route again, but I think the Rocky Mtn 2 lanes that I love to smoke through on the way will be too cold for comfort and safety if I were to join you that early in the season.

If you happen to delay your trip 'til April you could count me in.....I'd show you what can be done on those roads with a Boxster S powered by a x51 engine!

Happy Trails,
'03 S, 3.6L X51 conversion - 355+ hp!, Bilstein PSS9s, M030 sways, Pagid Blues, tower brace, hardwired Beltronics 995, RUF Aero nose.

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