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FWIW, holding down the throttle in manual mode makes nice, crisp upshifts at redline. I cite from the manual (2003):

"If the engine-speed limit is reached, an automatic upward shift is performed'

Didn't see anything suggesting this was forbidden, not recommended, or considered to be any form of abuse.

BTW, if you want Tip to kick into the Sport map while in Drive, here's what it says to do:

"Conditions: Speed is higher than approx. 33 mph (54 km/h)

> Depress accelerator quickly.
The Tiptronic changes temporarially to the sportiest gear changing map, i.e. to the highest possible gear-changing points. Correspondingly, the transmission shifts down immediately by one to two gears.

Ending the function:
> Release the accelerator markedly (by approx. 25%)"

I've used this mode many times for passing on mountain roads, very effective.
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