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i wondered about that as well.
pulling out of a gas station one day, my elbow clicked the shift button on the steering wheel (which put it into manual mode) and the car TOOK OFF!

i had never used the manual mode since owning the car (just about a year) and that was the first time i ever felt like i had some torque in my car.

it scared the ******************** out of me and i panicked because i didnt know how to get it out of manual mode while in gear (wasnt sure if it was safe to move the stick while driving). i just slowed down realllllly slow to bring the rpms/speed down and then flipped the shifter to M then back to D.

i was wondering if "red lining" it while in Manual mode would kill the car or if it would shift on its own to prevent damage?

does anyone on here drive a Tip in manual mode on a regular basis?
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